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Fri Mar 4 17:55:33 UTC 2005

Nils Philippsen wrote :

> On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 16:44 +0100, Matthias Saou wrote:
> > Nils Philippsen wrote :
> > 
> > > now that tuxracer has been removed from Core I'd like to add ppracer
> > > Extras which an actively developed successor to tuxracer. Anyone to
> > > sponsor me here?
> > 
> > I could. And review the package, too :-D
> Thanks. I've just imported the package and did some changes in order to
> get it more FE compliant ;-), but the release is not bumped yet (and not
> tagged, see my other mail on that issue).

OK, here I go :-)
- I've remove "A " from the summary, and the trailing dot too. (1)
- Dump SOURCE2 (the icon) as you don't use it
  - or -
- Install SOURCE2 in /usr/share/pixmaps/ and remove the full path from
  the desktop entry to make it themeable.
- Remove the "grep" BuildRequires, I don't think it's useful
- Eventually put the %doc right after the %defattr, as this is more common

Now... I don't have 3D acceleration on my laptop (Mobility 9600...), so
I've only gone though the spec... I'll leave others "review" the part where
you actually run the program :-/


(1) I've seen too many redundant or useless stuff in the summary...
repeating other tags there should be avoided IMHO, and keeping it short
(removing "A " for instance) and leaving the final formatting for later
(the trailing dot) seem like sane choices to me.

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