Getting started in Extras

Jeff Sheltren sheltren at
Mon Mar 7 15:35:19 UTC 2005

On 3/7/05 6:31 AM, "Michael Schwendt" <bugs.michael at> wrote:

> On Sun, 06 Mar 2005 21:58:22 -0800, Jeff Sheltren wrote:
>> I see that cfengine is on the 'possibly orphaned' list for extras and I'd be
>> willing to maintain it, but after quite a bit of reading of the Fedora
>> Project Wiki I am more confused about what to do than when I started.
> What in particular confused you?
>> Can
>> someone lay out some basic steps of what is needed to maintain a package?
> The most basic step is what you did. Mail to this list and show interest
> in a package. If nobody raises any objections during the next 1-2 weeks,
> package ownership could be transferred. With regard to cfengine, the
> previous package owner doesn't use it actively anymore and hence would
> feel better if somebody else took over package maintenance.
>> Is it just a matter of putting my name down in the 'need a sponser' list and
>> waiting for CVS access, or am I missing something?
> That's the general procedure for people who want CVS access.
> Meanwhile, if you want to present an update for cfengine and show sponsors
> examples of your packaging, post about it here. It gives subscribers a
> chance to comment on the changes/upgrade.
> There's also to the opportunity to import into CVS any proposed changes
> right away and build binaries for the "testing" repository.

Hi Michael, specifically, I was confused about the general process of doing
things here.  For example, does a package maintainer need CVS access, or do
you start by having others commit changes for you?  Now I see that all
maintainers need CVS access, but that wasn't clear before.

Since I use cfengine extensively, I would be interested in maintaining it
(although I see that David Dorgan has just submitted a package for it).  I'd
also be willing to maintain ncftp if Matthias doesn't mind.

Thanks for your response!


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