no xfce for FC4?

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Mon Mar 7 19:35:51 UTC 2005

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>>>>> "matt" == matt warner <mattwarner2 at> writes:

matt> I read on the XFCE website that XFCE has been removed from FC4.
matt> Is there any reason for this?  I'm using XFCE on FC3, and I
matt> absolutely love it.  I find it much simpler to use than either
matt> GNOME or KDE.  I'm not a developer myself, but if someone could
matt> find some way to have XFCE put back on FC4, that would be very
matt> greatly appreciated.

I love XFCE as well. ;) 

I have volunteered to maintain it in fedora extras, and just yesterday
put up some new packages for review. See:

So far I seem to have only had one download of the packages. 
Perhaps XFCE just isn't that popular?

I do have fc3-RPMS available as well, so feel free to try them out and
let me know if they work/don't work for you. 

I'm hoping to get some good feedback from the specs/packages and find
someone interested in sponsoring me to maintain the xfce packages in
fedora extras. 

matt> Matt Warner

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