Sponsor request: tetex-beamer (presentation class) and requirements

José Pedro Oliveira jpo at di.uminho.pt
Tue Mar 8 04:25:01 UTC 2005

Several examples available in the author's homepage


Summary     : Presentation class for LaTeX
URL         : http://latex-beamer.sourceforge.net/
Description :
beamer is a LaTeX class for creating presentations that are held using
a projector, but it can also be used to create transparency slides.

1st Requirement
Summary     : LaTeX color extensions
URL         : http://www.ukern.de/tex/xcolor.html
Description :
xcolor is a LaTeX package that provides easy driver-independent
access to several kinds of colors, tints, shades, tones, and
mixes of arbitrary colors by means of color expressions like

2nd Requirement
Summary     : Portable graphics format for LaTeX
URL         : http://latex-beamer.sourceforge.net/
Description :
pgf stands for 'portable graphics format'.  It is a TeX macro
package that allows you to create graphics in your TeX documents
using a special pgfpicture environment and special macros for
drawing lines, curves, rectangles, and many other kind of graphic
objects. Its usage closely resembles the pstricks package or the
normal picture environment of LaTeX.

SRPMs location:

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