no xfce for FC4?

Matthias Saou thias at
Tue Mar 8 09:17:02 UTC 2005

Iago Rubio wrote :

> I getting a bit confused with this.
> I've just changed al urls in one package I maintain to fit with this:
> [quote]
> Please avoid using macros in the source URLs, prefer, for example, 
> over 
> While using macros saves you as a package maintainer some time whenever
> you update the package, QA will have to reconstruct the source URL
> manually when the validity of the sources is checked. 
> [/quote]
> Please, Could anyone give us an athoritative answer on this ?
> What should be used in urls, macros or hardcoded urls ?

The hardcoding of URLs was something introduced, in order to ease
the copy/pasting of source lines to download the pristine sources for the
QA process. I'd say that for Extras, with its lookaside cache for sources,
this isn't of much relevance anymore.

My vote would be to drop that recommendation and leave it up to the
packager to decide what he likes best. I know that I like hardcoding
everything except the version, that way if it was "libfoo" and now the
"Name:" gets changed to "libfoo04", still nothing to change.


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