Jeff Sheltren sheltren at
Thu Mar 10 00:59:06 UTC 2005

On 3/9/05 4:29 PM, "Enrico Scholz" <enrico.scholz at>
> Some words about this spec file:

Hi Enrico, thanks for the feedback; it's quite helpful.  A few things:

-While I agree that it is best not to create a directory directly in /var/,
that has been the default location for cfengine for quite some time now -
So, does Extras have a 'best practice' in this case?  Upstream wants to use
/var/cfengine, should that be ignored to make a 'cleaner' package?

-Yes, shrinking for loops down in to one-liners makes them shorter, but I
find the for loop much easier to read (and to edit in the future).

-I'm aware this is probably a stupid question, but where are you finding the
missing Requires?


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