Decision to remove lapack from FC

D Sievers dsievers at
Thu Mar 10 19:44:40 UTC 2005

 > So I'm a bit confused here. You say you have clusters running fedora, so
 > do I.
 > We kickstart install them, which I'm sure you do, too.
 > the first thing in %post of the kickstart is:
 > yum -y groupinstall "physics cluster"
 > yum -y update
 > Why is that so difficult for maintaining your nodes?
 > -sv

1) To clarify, no clusters running Fedora currently, but I would like to 
see it (currently we're running RH9).

2) Excellent! Thank you for the tip.

3) I am more concerned about the quality of lapack packages dropping 
over time or becoming orphaned.

I guess if that becomes a problem I'll deal with it at that time.


Doug Sievers

Doug Sievers
dsievers at

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