Decision to remove lapack from FC

seth vidal skvidal at
Thu Mar 10 19:50:54 UTC 2005

> 1) To clarify, no clusters running Fedora currently, but I would like to 
> see it (currently we're running RH9).

yah, you should change that ;)

> 2) Excellent! Thank you for the tip.

yum can merge multiple comps.xml (yumgroups.xml) files from multiple
repositories - so if you setup a local repository with _JUST_ a
comps.xml file in the createrepo run then you can pull in your own group
definitions pulling in packages from any of the repos in your yum
configuration. It's really handy.

> 3) I am more concerned about the quality of lapack packages dropping 
> over time or becoming orphaned.
> I guess if that becomes a problem I'll deal with it at that time.

Well I think that this is a benefit of extras. If you have a need for
something like lapack (which, to be honest, isn't the most commonly used
software) you can maintain it. You can keep it current and available and
you won't have to worry about conflicting with Red Hat's version.

If you need lapack you're working in the sciences - and who knows better
what's useful for computation than yourself?


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