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Shahms King shahms at
Thu Mar 10 21:43:07 UTC 2005

After importing ipython, Durus and Quixote, I've got some more python
modules I'd like to import into extras and am hereby "officially" asking
for approval/sponsorship of the following packages:

Source Name     Package Name
PyProtocols     python-protocols
psycopg         python-psycopg
pyXLWriter      python-pyXLWriter
SimpleTAL       python-simpletal
TPG             python-tpg
psyco           python-psyco

All packages have been named python-${import_name}, which is why the
case may be different from that of the upstream package.

Notes on the packages:
PyProtocols is an implementation of PEP-246 "Object Adaptation" which is
a method of "type-conversion" for python.  It's a standardization of the
methods used by Twisted and Zope and has support for the interfaces
defined by both toolkits.

psycopg is a high-performance PostgreSQL python module.  It usually
works better than the pgdb module shipped in postgresql-python.

pyXLWriter is a Python port of the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel perl module.
There doesn't seem to be a lot of upstream development and the package
includes two bugfix-only patches.

SimpleTAL is an independent implementation of the Zope XML/HTML page
template language. I've found it useful for developing Quixote-based

TPG is the "Toy Parser Generator", a parser generator package for python
that's pretty sweet ;-)

psyco is the python specializing compiler.  It compiles specialized
versions of python functions into native code.  This can provide a huge
speedup for certain types of functions and a more moderate, but useful,
increase for a lot of other code.

Shahms E. King <shahms at>
Multnomah ESD

Public Key:
1612 054B CE92 8770 F1EA  AB1B FEAB 3636 45B2 D75B
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