New package requests

James Hunt jamesodhunt at
Fri Mar 11 08:41:59 UTC 2005


Please would you consider adding the following packages to Fedora

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NAME: tor

DESCRIPTION: "An anonymous Internet communication system" that can be
used to protect users privacy.

RATIONALE: tor is becoming an essential part of a Linux users security
arsenal to protect their online privacy, in a similar manner to ssh, gpg, 
privoxy, etc.

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NAME: rosegarden

DESCRIPTION: "The closest native equivalent to Cubase® for Linux" - very
capable sound/midi sequencer/editor.

RATIONALE: Fedora offers nothing equivalent to this application,
especially the score editing features.

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NAME: xautolock

DESCRIPTION: Xautolock monitors console activity under the X window
system, and fires up a program of your choice if nothing happens during
a user configurable period of time. You can use this to automatically
start up a screen locker in case you tend to forget to do so manually
before having a coffee break.

RATIONALE: I use fluxbox as my window Manager at work, and corporate
standards require a screen-saver (with lock) to activate within a
specified period of time. This package is required to trigger a
screensaver such as 'xlock' or 'xscreensaver'.

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NAME: xxdiff

DESCRIPTION: Graphical diff program using Qt.

RATIONALE: This is the best graphical diff program available IMHO. I've
used it for years. 'meld' is "ok", but it is light-years away from the
capabilities of xxdiff.

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NAME: freemind

DESCRIPTION: Mind-mapping software.

RATIONALE: Very useful for business types and just for general 
brainstorming. Does require Java though.

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NAME: openclipart

DESCRIPTION: Royalty+copyright free clip art that can be used with

RATIONALE: a lot of users *need* clipart for presentations, etc.

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NAME: torsmo

DESCRIPTION: system monitor that only uses Xlib.

RATIONALE: Torsmo is much neater and "easy-on-the-eye" than gkrellm
which IMHO is ugly and distracting. Torsmo also consumes very few
resources - it is lightweight and fast.

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NAME: reStructuredText

DESCRIPTION: A system for converting plain ASCII files into structured and
formatted HTML / LaTeX.

RATIONALE: This is one of the best ideas in software I've seen for a while.
The power of ReStructuredText (RST) is amazing. Check out these links:

I use RST a lot as I carry ASCII files on my PalmPilot, but wanted a way to
keep structure, and be able to produce attractive web pages. For a good
example of such an attractive page, the front page of
(with its floating table of contents) uses RST.

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NAME: xpaint

DESCRIPTION: drawing application.

RATIONALE: OK, OK, yes, gimp is amazing, but it isn't particularly easy
to use for newbies.  xpaint is a much more familiar environment for
those coming from a Windows background, and xpaint is actually a very
capable editor (png, plugins, etc).

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Thanks for reading.



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