problem with new amarok 1.2.1 package

Aurelien Bompard gauret at
Sat Mar 12 10:31:30 UTC 2005

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Rebuilding/installing software from source tarballs and
> mixing repositories can lead to such symptoms.

Yes, maybe you were using a library from another repo, and you updated it in
the meantime
>> I final question, I couldn't select any Soundsystem in the configure
>> Engine, is this normal.
> No. You should be able to select "GStreamer Engine" and, with the
> amarok-arts package installed, also "aRts Engine".

If the playback is working, you have to have a working engine. The available
engines are gstreamer (default), arts (with -arts subpackage), and xine (if
you rebuild the src.rpm --with xine).

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