Toshio Kuratomi toshio at tiki-lounge.com
Sat Mar 12 19:45:21 UTC 2005

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 02:12:49AM -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> hi,
>  I remember hearing that someone had volunteered to maintain abiword for
> fedora extras. Did that person ever step forward and/or pass someone a
> package for cvs check in?
> I'm working on extras builds for fc4test1 right now and this is one item
> that stuck out on my machine when I tried to update to rawhide from fc3.
I took a brief look at abiword today to guage how much time it would take me
to keep it maintained but there are some unresolved dependencies....  Does
nayone know what happened to the RawHide enchant package?  I know it got
thrown out of Core, but it doesn't seem to be in either Extras or Core cvs.

If it's not in cvs, does anyone have the latest SRPM cached somewhere?


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