Updated fortune-mod package

Jim Cornette jim-cornette at insight.rr.com
Sun Mar 13 19:44:00 UTC 2005

Jeff Sheltren wrote:

>I've created an updated fortune-mod package using fortune-mod-1.99 from
>If anyone has a chance to look over it, I'd appreciate any comments.
>The SRPM and spec are available here:
I compiled the rpm without regarding the spec file. rpmbuild --rebuild 
--target i386 and the rpm seems to work for me. I had to download and 
install recode-devel but this was minor.

For reference, this is on a development system.



It turned out that the worm exploited three or four different holes in the
system.  From this, and the fact that we were able to capture and examine
some of the source code, we realized that we were dealing with someone very
sharp, probably not someone here on campus.
		-- Dr. Richard LeBlanc, associate professor of ICS, in
		   Georgia Tech's campus newspaper after the Internet worm.

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