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Sun Mar 13 20:40:17 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-13 at 15:14 -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> > This is confusing ... are you saying that mono is incompatible with FC? 
> > The Compiler and tools are GPL, the runtime is LGPL, and the class
> > libraries are MIT X11.  I was so hoping to see them appear in extras
> > especially with the growing number of mono gnome apps.
> > 
> I'm saying the last time this was asked the answer, I believe, was
> 'patents prohibit us from including it'
> -sv

It seems like livna would be the ideal place for these. Unfortunately,
the process for adding packages to livna is more opaque than the early
Fedora process with even less communication.

There is definitely a need for a place to put these "legally ambiguous"
packages. It obviously cannot share the Red Hat/Fedora infrastructure,
but the current Liva setup is sorely lacking in community participation.
Subscribing the the mailing list requires moderator approval which is
apparently glacial in coming (I just tried subscribing for a second time
after waiting almost a month for any response from my last attempt).
They just added x86_64 support back, which was the original reason I
wanted to subscribe (I had been making x86_64 nvidia drivers and
recompiling other livna packages for a while and wanted to volunteer to
do this or at least see if others could use my work), but there are
always going to be deserving packages that cannot be hosted in Core or
Extras for various reasons.

The one problem with that is that Livna isn't widely mirrored (for
obvious reasons) and applications built on Mono are not themselves
legally troubling, but cannot be hosted in Core or Extras due to the
mono dependency.  It might be reasonable/nice to get some of these other
packages more widely mirrored so as to keep the set of "minimally
mirrored" packages as small as possible, but I'm unsure of the best way
to do that.

The first step in all of this, however, is opening up Livna development.
I'd recommend this to them, but, uh, I can't get in touch with anyone in
that project ;-P


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