xfce-4.2.0 i386 rpms for devel/rawhide

Kevin Fenzi kevin-fedora-extras at scrye.com
Mon Mar 14 03:31:34 UTC 2005

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Finally got my test box re-installed and updated to the latest devel. 

Thus, there are now xfce-4.2.0 i386 binary rpms for rawhide/devel
available now at: 


Most everything built with no problems, with 2 exceptions: 

- - Terminal has a ton of issues with the new DBUS api. However, there
is a new version in beta upstream with the new dbus api supported. 
Hopefully that will go final before fc4. :) 

- - xffm has some issues with some gtk2 headers. I will dig into that
and see if I can come up with a patch. 

Also worth noting is that there is going to be a 4.2.1 version
released probibly in the next few days. I will update everything here
once that comes out. 

Speaking of versions, should I have 4.2.0 (or 4.2.1) tagged for both
the fc3 and devel trees? Is there any problem with fedora extras
releasing a newer version of a package than was in core?
(Or should we have 4.0.6 or nothing in the fc3 tree, and only do the
newer versions for devel/fc4?)

IMHO, 4.2.0 is vastly better than the 4.0.6 shipped with fc3. Session
management alone would be worth the upgrade. 

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