Request: contributor to put DKMS into Fedora Extras

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Mon Mar 14 22:14:29 UTC 2005

Dell's lawyers have a couple concerns with the Fedora Corporate
Contributors Agreement.  Until those get settled, I and my teammates
can't become official Contributors.

But, we'd like to see DKMS ( included into
Fedora Extras ASAP.  Given recent discussions on fedora-devel-list,
several people think that's a good idea.

To that end, would any of the current approved contributors care to
contribute DKMS into Extras?  It's GPL of course.

Then at some future date, we can negotiate to transfer ownership to
Gary Lerhaupt once Dell has official contributor status.


Matt Domsch
Software Architect
Dell Linux Solutions &
Linux on Dell mailing lists @

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