Request for package inclusion: gettext lint tools

Pedro Morais pmmm at
Tue Mar 15 11:06:49 UTC 2005

Em Terça, 15 de Março de 2005 00:09, David Malcolm escreveu:
> On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 10:54 +0000, Pedro Morais wrote:
> > (...) 
> > I think the current spec file should be ok, can someone review it?
> > I'd like to add the package to extras.
> > SRPM:
> I briefly looked at this, and it seems sane to me.


> I tried running the tool on evolution's translations, and got a scarily
> big report - 5894 problems found!  is this typical? (this was the first
> random CVS checkout I had available so may not be representative)

I'lll assume you're talking about POFileChecker; it might be.
You should probably run it against one translation at a time.

Using the fedora i18n repository as sample data:
portuguese - pt - 0 errors
spanish - es.po - 594 errors
french - fr - 599 errors
german - de - 272 erros
italian - it - 314 erros

Most of the seem real errors, not false positives; and in there are always to 
allow a certain number of errors or class of error, see the man page for 

You can also catch a lot of errors with the POFileConsistency tool; from my 
experience, at least 50% of all inconsistencies are caused by "bad" 

	Pedro Morais

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