%ghost weirdness in fedora-rpmdevtools

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Tue Mar 15 14:54:55 UTC 2005

I just noticed something weird with the %ghosts/triggers in fedora-

For some reason unknown to me, installing fedora-rpmdevtools creates
the /usr/lib64/xemacs/site-packages/lisp/site-start.d dir structure and
places the fedora-init.el symlink in it on a FC3 i686 box.  Before
installing it, I don't have the /usr/lib64 dir nor obviously any subdirs
below it.

The package does not own or install that dir hierarchy, it just supposed
to place a %ghost'd symlink there if it's present when the xemacs
trigger runs.  Ditto apparently with other site-start.d dirs in the
specfile; I just happened to catch the lib64 one.

The dir hierarchy is created even when installing fedora-rpmdevtools
with --notriggers (although the actual fedora-init.el symlink is not
created then, which is expected).  Even placing explicit %exclude's in
the rpmdevtools specfile doesn't prevent the dirs from being created.

Huh?!?  Am I just being slow today, or is this a rpm bug?

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