Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Thu Mar 17 04:04:31 UTC 2005

David Woodhouse (dwmw2 at infradead.org) said: 
> > Especially for future maintenance, it's not like an Extras version
> > would parallel a version maintained for RHEL. They have different
> > goals.
> I cannot comprehend any reason why they would differ, except of course
> that the Fedora version is -HEAD to RHEL's branch, as has been the case
> for some time already.
> Certainly I can't comprehend wanting to do things in Fedora's version
> which are not applicable for RHEL -- to gratuitously maintain two
> separate copies would be bizarre enough without making them _different_.

I would presume the Fedora one would be upgraded to newer versions
of Exim as time goes by. The one for previous RHEL releases wouldn't.

Basically, in a RHEL context, except for a 6-month period, it probably
will never be the same as Fedora versions.


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