potential candidates for contribution

Iago Rubio iago.rubio at hispalinux.es
Thu Mar 17 12:06:51 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 11:30 +0100, Rudolf Kastl wrote:
> read the last sentence please. ;) thanks.

I said "sorry" in my reply to your mail.

If you want me to say it again here you've got:
I'm sorry I missed this in your initial mail   8^)

> <snip>
> The candidates id put up for discussion are:
> 1. trigger - 3d rallye game. 
> 2. scorched3d - 3d variant of scorched earth with network support
> 3. flightgear - 3d flight simulator
> RPMS: http://newrpms.sunsite.dk/apt/redhat/en/i386/fc3/RPMS.newrpms/
> SRPMS: http://newrpms.sunsite.dk/apt/redhat/en/i386/fc3/SRPMS.newrpms/
> and the required dependencys as needed / required

This is not really helpful for reviewers.

At least Ignacio got confused for the lack of a complete package list.

I'm almost sure it can happen to other reviewers.

As you said:
> maybe i should list em too... thought that was trivial.

So, being so trivial:

1. trigger - 3d rallye game. 
2. physfs - needed by trigger (depends on ncurses - may be optional -
and readline both in Core).
3. flightgear - 3d flight simulator
4. simgear - needed by flightgear (depends on plib and OpenAl both in

Is this OK for you ?

I picked out the list scorched3d,
Iago Rubio

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