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Shahms King shahms at
Thu Mar 17 23:43:22 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 15:22 -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 15:13 -0500, Matthew Miller wrote:
> > On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 02:09:38PM -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> > > now if we can get a different interface on bugzilla for package tracking
> > > then I'm all for it.
> > 
> > For what it's worth, we've basically been using Bugzilla for a similar sort
> > of thing for BU Linux for a while, and it works very nicely.
> I'm okay being wrong about this. :) I took action based on my
> experiences with's implementation and it was difficult to deal
> with, imo. 
> -sv

I suspect the Wiki will quickly become unmanageable as a way to deal
with requests (although I could be wrong).  At the same time, much of
the bugzilla interface is overkill for new package requests and other
such things.  I don't have any experience with the bugzilla,
perhaps you (or someone) would be able to enlighten us about some of the

I can understand that a lot of the stuff bugzilla does may be overkill,
but it also seems ideally suited to some of the other stuff.

What's needed is simple way to track a package request through the
CLOSED, or similar.

From the other side, contributors need some way of looking for all
packages that need sponsorship/approval or review or a new bugzilla
component.  Once the component is added, most of the package management
can/should be done through there.

In addition, existing packages need an easy way of requesting a new
branch or build.

Bugzilla seems well suited to all of the above, provided there was a
simplified interface that ensured relative consistency among the
requests, but maybe I'm missing something.
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