Clarification on FE development

D Sievers dsievers at
Fri Mar 18 23:19:36 UTC 2005

I am just posing this question to make it obvious (hopefully).

What is extras/development
and how does it compare to extras/3

I assume the response is:
This parallels core/development (rawhide)

If that is true, and I would hope it is, this leads me with the 
following questions.

1) Are the duplicates going to cleaned up? [python-numeric was moved 
into core on FC3->FC4, but is in extras/devel and core/devel]

2) Does this imply a "release" schedule for extras? If so, will there be 
a similar "snapshot" of extras/devel that will become extras/4 when FC4 
is released?

3) If both of these are true, what happens when new packages are added 
to extras? They couldn't then be added to extras/4, since they are new. 
Will there be a extras/4/updates that new packages do into? It appears 
that occasionally a new package would appear in core/updates, but often 
only when a package was split or that the update had new dependencies.

Okay, truly, I apologize for all the questions, especially because I am 
sure that this is still being decided.

Thank you for your time, and lastly, I think you all are doing an 
excellent job on the Extras Front :)

Doug Sievers

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