Clarification on FE development

seth vidal skvidal at
Sat Mar 19 05:06:04 UTC 2005

> What is extras/development
> (
> and how does it compare to extras/3
> (
> ?

development is just like fedora core development - the packages in
extras are built against the development core tree.

> 1) Are the duplicates going to cleaned up? [python-numeric was moved 
> into core on FC3->FC4, but is in extras/devel and core/devel]

yes. If you would like to point out the duplicates I'd be glad to get
them cleaned up. Thanks.

> 2) Does this imply a "release" schedule for extras? If so, will there be 
> a similar "snapshot" of extras/devel that will become extras/4 when FC4 
> is released?

The plan is to have all of extras out for release for fc4 final.  My
goal is to make sure that when fc4 goes live, fe4 is populated and
mirrored. We're not doing too badly, so far on keeping up.

> 3) If both of these are true, what happens when new packages are added 
> to extras? They couldn't then be added to extras/4, since they are new. 
> Will there be a extras/4/updates that new packages do into? It appears 
> that occasionally a new package would appear in core/updates, but often 
> only when a package was split or that the update had new dependencies.

Extras is following a rolling release cycle. So that new pkgs get added
into the main tree and sync'd out. 

Does this help?


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