Review request: sabayon

John Dennis jdennis at
Sat Mar 19 17:05:49 UTC 2005

> > - I would try to get a fixed user for sabayon instead of just using a
> > random UID/GID (it's a system user after all)
> 	Well, that's what my previous mail was about. I had tried using
> fedora-usermgmt when I thought it was the consensus that all Extras
> packages should use it, but wasn't really convinced by it, so I dropped
> it again. I'm not sure how an Extras package can reserve a system UID
> otherwise, though ...

I thought the "setup" rpm was used to reserve a system account, e.g.
you specify a uid and/or gid that needs to be reserved for the system.
So I think all you need to do is edit the setup rpm. I'm not sure if
it creates the account or not, I'd have to check on that. But even if
it does I think the right behavior is to reserve it in setup, but have
the rpm always create the account using the exact same uid/gid specified
in setup, that way you're covered.

John Dennis <jdennis at> 

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