New fedora-rpmdevtools: cleanup old stuff

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at
Sun Mar 20 16:18:17 UTC 2005

I'm preparing a new version of fedora-rpmdevtools.  I'm doing various
cleanups in it, fixing some minor bugs, and will include Nils
Philippsen's spectool in the package.  The new version will be primarily
targetting FC3 and later (although it will still continue to work with
older releases down to RH 8.0 too, some minor features will be disabled
with FC1 and earlier though).

Does anyone have any objections to these cleanup plans:

* Remove trusted developer keys from the package.
  Some of these are already expired, but I thought I'd nuke all of them,
  they're not really used regularly for anything in Extras.  I'm 
  planning to leave the installdevkeys script and RH/Fedora keys in.

* Remove pre-FC2 compatibility cruft from the perl spec template.

* Remove fedora-pkgannfmt.

There will be other cleanups too, but I think those are uncontroversial.
Change log thus far:

- Include Nils Philippsen's spectool.
- Own (%%ghost'd) more dirs from the site-lisp dir hierarchies.
- Drop trigger support pre-FC2 Emacs and XEmacs packages.
- Drop rpm-spec-mode.el patch, no longer needed for FC2 Emacs and later.
- Make fedora-diffarchive work better with archives containing dirs
  without read/execute permissions.
- Sync "Epoch: 0" drops with Fedora Extras CVS.
- Update URL.

Of course, if there's something else you'd like to add/change, let me

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