Sponsorship Concerns Re: xfce 4.2.1 packages available

Kevin Fenzi kevin-fedora-extras at scrye.com
Sun Mar 20 20:17:07 UTC 2005

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>>>>> "Warren" == Warren Togami <wtogami at redhat.com> writes:

Warren> Everyone, I have spent hours analyzing and fixing Kevin's
Warren> packages, when the job is already supposed to be nearly done
Warren> at this point.  The changes that he made were mostly
Warren> superficial, and in cases where they were not (like xfdesktop
Warren> below), they were highly problematic or plain wrong.

Warren> It is quite clear to me that this guy is unqualified to be
Warren> maintaining these packages without supervision.  But it is not
Warren> his fault.  *Maybe* it would be acceptable if his membership
Warren> sponsor were educating him while watching his activities, but
Warren> it it seems that spot has been busy this week.

I'm happy to make changes and take feedback. In fact I have posted
several times for reviews (and gotten feedback/made changes) on the
fedora-extras list. 

Warren> It is the responsibility of the sponsor to make sure members
Warren> below them are doing the right thing, and educating them when
Warren> they are not.  I ask that sponsors please be careful not to
Warren> sponsor too many contributors if you are too busy to foster
Warren> their development and education.

Warren> We need to scale the number of contributors who know packaging
Warren> extremely well in order to handle auditing the ever growing
Warren> quantity of changes going into the repository.  Your attention
Warren> and education of our newer members is crucial in making this
Warren> process scale.

Warren> Kevin, In this case I will work with you to fix the XFCE
Warren> packages.  I hope that you can learn from the changes we make
Warren> together in order to make cleaner packages in the future.  We
Warren> will start with xfdesktop for now (although I suspect we will
Warren> need to discuss more packages...)

Excellent. I am happy to hear anything constructive you have to say. 

Note before I start answering points below that the base spec for any
of the xfce packages that were not in core before is taken from the
upstream project. I was hoping to merge back with them any changes
made, so for that reason I didn't start with a new spec. 

In the case of xfdesktop it looks like I didn't pick up the core cvs
spec and used the upstream one. ;( 
My mistake. 

I will go check all the other packages to make sure I didn't miss any

Warren> The problems in xfdesktop are too significant for me to fix
Warren> quickly without testing like I had for other packages in CVS.
Warren> - Requires: gtk2 >= 2.2.0 is unnecessary, or in the rare case
Warren> that it is you should document it with a comment. [1] -
Warren> BuildRequires: gtk2 >= 2.2.0 is wrong, should be gtk2-devel -
Warren> removed the fedora splash - rm -f
Warren> $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_libdir}/xfce4/mcs-plugins/*.a Usually we
Warren> don't want to ship these, yet your package adds it again.  Was
Warren> there any reason in particular?  

What are the downsides to shipping them? They are in the core/devel
spec I just setup. I can remove them if you like. 

Warren> - %files list uses explicit
Warren> filenames rather than wildcards This makes it more difficult
Warren> to maintain in the future for little benefit now.  -
Warren> completely wiped out than's original changelog - you removed a
Warren> several artificial Requires that pulled in various components
Warren> of XFCE.  I am not sure about the original purpose of these
Warren> artificial deps, but I am guessing that they existed in order
Warren> to install xfdesktop and related pieces would be pulled in by
Warren> deps to make a complete environment.  In fixing this, should
Warren> xfdesktop be the base package that pulls in the rest? If so,
Warren> what packages should it pull in?

It need to pull in at least xfwm4, xfce4-panel, xfce-mcs-manager. 
Those are the ones in the spec from core/devel. I think those are

Warren> I recommend starting again from the FC3 xfdesktop.spec and
Warren> making changes from there.  Don't need to be so verbose in
Warren> your %changelog section, just list the changes that make a
Warren> functional difference.

Right. Sorry about that. 

Warren> Let me know when you have a new xfdesktop for review, and I'll
Warren> review it again.


It should be in now. If you could take a look that would be great. 
I will also look through the other mail you sent to fedora extras with
other changes. 

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