Looking for a sponsor

Michael Peters funkyres at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 21:28:45 UTC 2005

I'm still looking for a sponsor.
I think slimserver needs to go into livna - but there are some perl
modules that it needs that will need to be available in extras.

At this point I've packaged three of them (only tested in fc4t1)

This one is needed by slimserver :


It does contain a binary component.

These two are needed by the above perl package and are noarch :


my GPG key is at


The package I'm working on that needs those perl-Template-Toolkit spec
file is at :


In future I will also be needing perl-DBD-SQLite (I have a spec file
for it but I have not tested the package with slimserver yet)

I'm willing to maintain these perl modules so I can get slimserver
into livna - so a sponsor would be appreciated. Feedback on the perl
package spec files would also be appreciated.

With perl-Template-Toolkit I do need to disable two tests to get it to
run make test.
One is a database test - I think it has a problem using postgresql
(perl-Tie-DBI runs make test using the postgresql database no
problem). The other is a gd test.


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