anyone working on Request Tracker, rt3?

Robert Kearey rkearey at
Mon Mar 21 01:38:37 UTC 2005

Toni Willberg wrote:

> Is someone actively working on to get rt3 (
> into Extras?

> I recall there was someone working on it for, but I lost track
> of it.

As someone who uses rt heavily, every few months I get started again on 
doing this, and grind to a halt :)

> The tricky part of rt3 is that it depends on some 50 Perl modules, which
> of not all are already in Core or Extras.
> If I find time, I'm willing to help if someone is already working on
> this. Unfortunately I don't have time to manage all of it by myself.

The trick that needed for this to work is some kind of automated 
CPAN->Yum repository solution. I've looked at the various CPAN->RPM 
solutions [cpanflut2, cpan2rpm, Ovid, etc] and they all have pros and 
cons. The one that looks best to me so far is Ovid, which in it's latest 
form can at least avoid repackaging CPAN modules already provided by the 
FC/RH Perl RPM. It only does MakeMaker, not Module::Builder however.

This [Making a workable rt3 channel/repo] has been an itch I've been 
wanting to scratch for years. Really doing it right means an extension 
to whatever buildsystem we come with in the long term, so perhaps now 
the iron is hot enough to strike.

So, the core problem is thus: We need some way to reliably install CPAN 
modules with Yum.

> - Toni

Rob K

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