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John Dennis jdennis at
Mon Mar 21 23:08:45 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 10:25 -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> > I wish we could use a computer to assign the versions (and tags) so that
> > its consistent within a package, across all packages in a distribution,
> > and across all distributions and have a database of this information
> > that can be queried.
> And how would we correlate that information with the ACTUAL version of
> the program that's being packaged? In addition, if we just keep the
> actual version in this db somewhere doesn't the input to that db suffer
> from the same human error problems you mentioned before?

You lost me. When you say the he actual version of the program being
packaged I intuit you mean the "v" of the rpm's n-v-r. One would hope
that is correct in the spec file. Its the "r" part of n-v-r we need
automatically generated. Given the release field is a function of the
distribution and previous builds (across distributions) I don't see why
the release field could not easily be automatically generated. I don't
see any need for human interaction.

But perhaps I misunderstood your point or I'm failing to take into
consideration some other facet.

John Dennis <jdennis at>

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