xfce 4.2.1 packages available

Kevin Fenzi kevin-fedora-extras at scrye.com
Tue Mar 22 00:40:17 UTC 2005

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>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Fenzi <kevin-fedora-extras at scrye.com> writes:

Michael> [xffm package]

Michael> * In there, I don't see any static archives in the plugins
Michael> directory and not in the %_libdir/xfce4/xffm sub-directory
Michael> either.

Michael> * But I see lots of *.so links in /usr/lib, which are usually
Michael> only needed at build-time and therefore moved into -devel
Michael> packages. In case these links are loaded at run-time, the
Michael> application ought to load the versioned DSOs instead,
Michael> e.g. libxffm_actions.so.1 instead of libxffm_actions.so

Kevin> Ah, an excellent point. Looking at the xffm build it looks to
Kevin> me like those /usr/lib/ files are used by xffm when it's
Kevin> compiling itself. Its possible there are people using those to
Kevin> develop more xffm plugins, etc.

Kevin> So, those should be split out into a -devel rpm most
Kevin> likely. Should we do that now given that the xffm package in
Kevin> fc3 4.0.6 package included them? I would guess anyone using
Kevin> them to develop would be able to see the new xffm-devel
Kevin> package.

Ugh. I spoke too soon. It uses them for it's regular running, and it
does open them by version: 

open("/usr/lib/libxffm_actions.so.1", O_RDONLY) = 3

So, do I need the ldconfig calls there? I would say not since it's
calling a specific version of the DSO, right?

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