Basic questions

seth vidal skvidal at
Tue Mar 22 02:42:12 UTC 2005

> You lost me. When you say the he actual version of the program being
> packaged I intuit you mean the "v" of the rpm's n-v-r. One would hope
> that is correct in the spec file. Its the "r" part of n-v-r we need
> automatically generated. Given the release field is a function of the
> distribution and previous builds (across distributions) I don't see why
> the release field could not easily be automatically generated. I don't
> see any need for human interaction.
> But perhaps I misunderstood your point or I'm failing to take into
> consideration some other facet.

Sometimes the v component from one ver to the next doesn't increment in
a vercmp so you have two ways around that so that rpm sees it is an
 1. use an epoch
 2. split the ver's extra items across the release tag.

That's where the complexity lies.


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