Missing packagers

Michael Schwendt bugs.michael at gmx.net
Wed Mar 23 11:23:28 UTC 2005

List of "packages by owner" with packagers either not seen on 



Aaron Bennett : ifplugd libdaemon

Alain PORTAL : gputils tetex-eurofont

Andreas Pfaffeneder : camstream leafnode putty

Arnaud Abélard : fluxconf

Ben Escoto : duplicity

Chris Ricker : jhead

David Kaplan : i810switch proj shapelib xtide

Denis Leroy : gconfmm20 gconfmm26 glibmm24 gnome-vfsmm26 gtkmm20 gtkmm24 libglademm20 libglademm24 libgnomecanvasmm20 libgnomecanvasmm26 libgnomemm20 libgnomemm26 libgnomeuimm20 libgnomeuimm26 libsigc++20

Jean-Luc Fontaine : blt moodss tktable

Juha Ylitalo : python-imaging xplanet

Keith G. Robertson-Turner : tripwire

Laurent Papier : tdl

Miguel Armas : hping2 shorewall

Nicolas Mailhot : arc freeze lzop nomarch perl-Convert-UUlib perl-Net-Server zoo

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