--with switches in CVS

Aurelien Bompard gauret at free.fr
Wed Mar 23 17:07:13 UTC 2005

Jeremy Katz wrote:

>> I've looked at Makefile.common, and I can't find a way to specify --with
>> build switches, short or redefining RPM_WITH_DIRS of course (which is not
>> really handy)
>> Could we have something like:
>> make i386 WITH="mysql"
>> which would expand to:
>> rpmbuild [...] --with mysql specfile.spec
>> We'll also have to deal with multiple arguments in the WITH variable, so
>> I guess a for loop adding "--with $element" for each space-separated
>> element in WITH could work.
> In general, I'm pretty against anything like this being used with
> packages going through the build system.  It makes the output of the
> build system a lot less deterministic.  Even for building test packages
> like this (especially as I'd like to get make i386, etc using the mach
> setup eventually so that it all but exactly mirrors what you'd get out
> of the buildsystem)

I don't think that the fact that the option is there will make the
buildsystem use it, since it is an automated process and we have complete
control over it. It's just an option. Without it, I have to manage my
packages in two different places, and copy specfiles all over the place.
It's a PITA.
I don't fully understand your concern about mach though, could you explain
the problem again please ?
I think that the Makefiles could offer more than just what the buildsystem
needs. The packager would know that a "make i386" will get him a package
like the buildsys would have done, but he has an EXTRA_OPTS var if he wants
to do more.

Would that be possible ?

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