Fedora Extras Development/ppc

Colin Charles byte at aeon.com.my
Thu Mar 24 06:32:21 UTC 2005

So, I feel its significantly ready-ish and while I get the hang of being
a human build system, expect delays. There are failures, so I expect
package maintainers to take a gander at the wonderful failed logs

Build machine is a FC4test1/ppc32 box, and I know we're talking about
developers debugging stuff, but its not publically accessible from the
Net (sorry). But I'm willing to try fixes, etc... as your patch queue
monkey even to see if it starts working on PPC. E-mail
colin at fedoraproject.org (or cc) with the subject line PQM: or something

Seth has been kind enough to take the stuff, and sign them
(Sethyoudaman!), so extras/development/ppc is really "ready"

Take a gander at:

Sure, we don't have all the packages that x86 (or x86_64) has but we
soon will. I'm still sorting out the dependencies on some of them, and
will post build logs of failed packages soon enough. Ditto with the
debuginfo packages

Happy PPCing!
Colin Charles, byte at aeon.com.my
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, 
then you win." -- Mohandas Gandhi

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