bmp still requires ExcludeArch?

Ralf Ertzinger fedora at
Thu Mar 24 12:04:12 UTC 2005


Colin Charles <byte at> wrote:

> Does bmp (the beep media player) still require the ExcludeArch, because
> of it miscompiling on ppc? It seems to compile, starts up, and plays an
> ogg file fairly well. (just some random test file
> in /usr/share/apps/klettres/da/alpha/a-12.ogg) Haven't done much more QA
> on it, besides the fact that "it works"

The last time I tested that it compiled, started up, and threw a lot of
noise at me when trying to play .ogg (or .mp3, for that matter). Will
test again.

{stroke}P (2V<;;F<K5F5=8<5K-/3/6//C3?/367/W/O6/-0+3'//K3?/3:[0[/
WB>>H<W6/;/C///1W'T1Q) 6 6 scale .2 setlinewidth 1 .7 0 setrgbcolor{}
WB>>forall N G G I 0 U N E E E E E
I 1 U N E E E gsave I grestore 0 U n .3 U N E E n 1 0 360 arc I showpage%

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