jabberd server testing

Marius Andreiana malists at epon.ro
Wed Mar 30 07:50:51 UTC 2005


I've checked out jabberd from devel cvs. rpm built/installed ok,
services started ok.

I haven't modified hostname (localhost by default) in configuration
files. Public registration is enabled by default.
Tried to register with gaim from the same computer. I specified in
server the real hostname, it gives:

Mar 30 10:42:33 marte jabberd/c2s[29589]: [6] [,
port=33125] connect
Mar 30 10:42:33 marte jabberd/c2s[29589]: [6] [,
port=33125] disconnect

Then I specified "localhost", it gives only
Mar 30 10:43:24 marte jabberd/c2s[29589]: [6] [, port=33127]
and gaim dialog remains opened on "Authenticating"

Next I'll try to set hostname as manual says.

Marius Andreiana
Epon Business Applications

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