[Bug 166207] Review Request: rekall : A KDE database front-end application

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Fri Sep 2 16:04:23 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: rekall : A KDE database front-end application


gauret at free.fr changed:

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------- Additional Comments From gauret at free.fr  2005-09-02 12:04 EST -------
* BuildRequires: desktop-file-utils is missing
* rpmlint says: zero-length /usr/share/apps/rekall/stock/component/py/dummy.
Maybe it's justified, since it's a dummy file
* rpmlint of rekall-runtime says: library-without-ldconfig (missing ldconfig in
post and postun for this subpackage), devel-file-in-non-devel-package
/usr/lib/librek{all,base}rt.so. Maybe it's not necessary to make a
rekall-runtime-devel subpackage, but in this case please have rekall-runtime
provide it.
* Typo in rekall-runtime %description: s/design functions or removed/design
functions are removed/g
* --vendor in desktop files should be fedora, not kde
* in the desktop file: missing "Application" category. I would also add the
"Office" category.
* when creating a new database with the xbase driver, I get the message :
« xbase: cannot load driver. Library files for "libkbase_driver_xbase.la" not
found in paths. ». Same thing for mysql driver and pgsql. It looks like rekall
needs those *.la files.
* rekall apparently uses .rlk files. It could be useful to associate those files
with rekall, using a mime entry in the desktop file (--add-mime-type switch) and
running update-desktop-database in %post.
* the desktop entry does not have an icon. Symlinking
%{_datadir}/apps/rekall/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/rekall.png to
%{_datadir}/pixmaps should do the trick.

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