[Bug 165689] Review Request: SquidGuard: filter, redirector and access controller plugin for squid

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Mon Sep 5 15:31:01 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: SquidGuard: filter, redirector and access controller plugin for squid


------- Additional Comments From gauret at free.fr  2005-09-05 11:30 EST -------
> Shall I also include the GPL file from the tarball?

Discussion is going on on fedora-maintainers about this. Red Hat Legal Dpt.
suggest to always ship the full license text, but on the other hand it is
ridiculous to ship 5000 copies of the GPL...
For the moment, COPYING is enough, you can always add it later when SquidGuard
is in CVS.

> I would have to install the guard.cgi and guard.conf into some place and
> create an Apache config. It could also be possible, that the admin has no 
> webserver on the proxy-machine and want's to install the cgi on another 
> server.

Exactly. It's nice to customize the default config to have it Just Work(tm), but
there are limits...

> Added this and slightly modified it (paths). I also added a var called 
> ENABLED, which is 0 (therfor disabled) by default...

Good idea, but we should not modify sources from upstream except with patches or
in the spec file. When I wget' the URL for Source3, I should always have the
exact same file as the one inside the SRPM. Therefore, please make a patch. (see 
the 10th "MUST" in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageReviewGuidelines)

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