New package: msmtp

Warren Togami wtogami at
Wed Sep 7 00:57:00 UTC 2005

Taylor Stearns wrote:
> On Sat 09, Wart wrote:
>>Taylor Stearns wrote:
>>>On Wed 22, Taylor Stearns wrote:
>>>>I've had some msmtp <> packages sitting around
>>>>for a while that Lee-Win Tai cleaned up and suggested submitting to
>>>>Extras.  So here it is:
>>>>* msmtp (GPL):
>>>>In the default mode, msmtp transmits a mail to an SMTP server (for example
>>>>at a free mail provider) which does the delivery.  To use this program
>>>>with your mail user agent (MUA), create a configuration file with your
>>>>mail account(s) and tell your MUA to call msmtp instead of
>>>Ping.  I hope somebody out there found this useful; I need CVS
>>>sponsorship to commit it, but I haven't heard any feedback regarding the
>>>package.  A new version was released a few days ago which I updated the
>>>spec for:
>>>I would appreciate comments and/or criticism (or sponsorship).  Thanks.
>>* Clean output from rpmlint
>>* Package and spec file named correctly
>>* md5sum matches upstream sources
>>* Seems to follow PackagingGuidelines
>>* Acceptible GPL license
>>* Legible spec file
>>* No duplicate files
>>* File permissions look ok
>>* Builds in mock for i386 and x86_64
>>One build warning on both platforms.  You might want to check the 
>>upstream author to see if this is a problem:
>>base64.c: In function 'isbase64':
>>base64.c:284: warning: comparison is always true due to limited range of 
>>data type
>>Use %find_lang to handle the de locale instead of 
>>I didn't try running the program.
> Thanks!  I addressed the locale problem and the two problems Enrico
> mentioned.  Concerning the base64 warning from gnulib, that is apparently
> "harmless"
> (
> Revisions along with a new upstream version with bugfixes available at:
> Again, comments are welcome. (And I don't have CVS access)

Taylor I saw your cvsextras request, but I do not consider this one 
package as sufficient evidence that you understand the guidelines.

I wrote some advice here.  Either submit more packages using the current 
process or help in reviewing other submitted packages in order to prove 
to the sponsors that you truly understand the guidelines and process.

Warren Togami
wtogami at

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