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Summary: Review Request: Aqsis


rc040203 at freenet.de changed:

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------- Additional Comments From rc040203 at freenet.de  2005-09-08 02:06 EST -------

I regret having to tell you that your spec is not ready for inclusion to FE and
that I am having doubts if this package is ready for inclusion.

* devel files not split out into a devel package.
* No URL in Source:
* Missing BuildRequire:'s.
* Bogus Require:'s.
* Packager:, Vendor:-tag

Finally: You seem to be trying to package a _local_ CVS-snapshot of what even
the aqsis homepage (http://www.aqsis.org -> downloads) describes as:
"Unstable source drop of the current bleeding edge development. Not suitable for
production use, this version contains many "work in progress" changes."

1. You should not base packages on local tarballs. Packages should be based on
public tarballs. If you feel you can't avoid changes, supply patches against
public tarballs.
2. FE packages should not be based on unstable snapshots, unless there is a
compelling reason to do so (E.g. API is frozen, a release is immediately ahead).

>From what I see on the aqsis pages, they don't give any timeline for a new
release, instead, they explicitly warn about 1.1.0-snapshots, declare its API
unstable and recommend to use the 1.0.0 release.

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