[Bug 165899] Review Request: pam_pkcs11 : PKCS #11 PAM login module

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Thu Sep 8 09:00:52 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: pam_pkcs11 : PKCS #11 PAM login module


------- Additional Comments From jonsito at teleline.es  2005-09-08 05:00 EST -------
"If you're interested in rpm packaging, perhaps you should maintain this package?"

Mmmh. Not sure:

I don't really know the intrinsics of Fedora Team: release politics, Filesystem
structure, and so. In fact the OpenSC team philosophy is not to distribute
binaries, just sources. ( "Let the coders code and packagers package", or as we
say in Spain "Zapatero a tus zapatos" :-)

For Pam_pkcs11, I only provide a "reference .spec file", not a FC4 .spec one. 
Of course, i've tested it under FC4, but certainly sure that is not the correct
one. I lack of Fedora RPM HOWTO knowledge...

Anyway, I'm interested in:
- Knowing progress on pam_pkcs11 packaging on several distros (AFAIK pam_pkcs11
is distributed by Mandriva, Debian, and Fedora)
- Get feedback from packagers, and perhaps include a "dist_patches" directory
into OpenSC svn. Not really interested in mantain several trees.
- Receive notices, suggestions, bug-reports, contribs and so from Fedora channels

As I told Ville Skyttä, I think pam_pkcs11 should not be "Fedora oriented". So
let me stand as neutral as possible. But let me being informed too :-)

Juan Antonio

BTW: where can I find Fedora packaging and FHS guidelines?

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