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Kevin Cole kjcole at gri.gallaudet.edu
Thu Sep 8 15:21:39 UTC 2005

Justin Conover wrote:

> On 9/6/05, Christian Iseli <Christian.Iseli at licr.org> wrote:
> justin.conover at gmail.com <mailto:justin.conover at gmail.com> said:
> > Looks like in the source file, there is a torsmorc.sample I could
> > use but I'm not sure what the spec file should look like to create
> > a $HOME/.torsmorc
> I think the usual way is to create a couple files named torsmo.sh
> and torsmo.csh in /etc/profile.d
> Guess I don't understand what should be in the spec file to accomplish this.

Don't know squat about your package, but one thing you can usually
do is put a generic .torsmorc in /etc/skel/.  It doesn't solve the
problem for existing users, but when new users are added to the
system, their home directory gets populated with stuff from /etc/skel
(Or did I completely miss the point somewhere? It wouldn't be the
first time.)


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