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Summary: Review Request: kawa


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------- Additional Comments From gemi at bluewin.ch  2005-09-10 21:14 EST -------
I am not familiar with techicalities of gcj, so here are a few questions:
There is a kawa.jar and /usr/lib/gcj/kawa/kawa-1.8beta.jar.*
When started using the kawa-script, what is actually used?
Is it so that the .so is used when present, and the jar file otherwise?
Does gji know where to look for the .so file?

Here a few other problems:
- kawa.1.gz seems to be empty
- in /usr/bin/kawa:
  /usr/bin/java is a link to an alternatives file
  Since this link may point to an other java implementation, perhaps
  it would be better to hardcode /usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.4.2-gcj/bin/java
- is it possible to build with --enable-kawa-frontend?
- kawa -w opens a window which obviously uses GTK, however menu font size
  is much smaller than the default on my desktop (it's not very useful

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