[Bug 167621] Review Request: PyCairo - Python bindings for Cairo

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Sun Sep 11 09:24:15 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: PyCairo - Python bindings for Cairo


------- Additional Comments From jacob.kroon at gmail.com  2005-09-11 05:24 EST -------
PyCairo has 3 optional libraries it checks for when configuring:

 * cairo.gtk
 * cairo.svg
 * Numeric Support

This module is was introduced because PyGTK (for a while) lacked a
method for creating a Cairo-context from a GtkDrawable. PyGTK 2.8.0
handles this now, so this module is deprecated now I believe.

Running configure gives me:

checking for libsvg-cairo >= 0.1.6...

I haven't figured out where this library lives, but I don't see
it in any of the Fedora repos (it is not librsvg2). I haven't
found a flag for configure to disable it.

Numeric Support
This is handled by BuildRequire:ing python-numeric.

Currently I'm just using "./configure" without flags.
I don't "--without-pygtk", cause I am not sure if its
necessary. Numeric support is also handled, and that
leaves libsvg-support. Anyone got any ideas?

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