[Bug 167253] Review Request: CERN library and associated binaries

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Sun Sep 11 14:37:37 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: CERN library and associated binaries


------- Additional Comments From jamatos at fc.up.pt  2005-09-11 10:37 EST -------
Now it compiles with mock in x86_64 but I get: 
$ for i in *.rpm; do echo $i; rpmlint $i; echo ; done 
W: cernlib strange-permission mkdirhier 0755 
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch25: 048-log-to-var-log-not-tmp 
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch26: 049-fix-kuesvr-security-hole 
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch27: 050-make-secure-comis-tmpdir 
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch28: 051-fix-miscellaneous-tmp-uses 
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch12: 018-move-kernlib-to-toplevel 
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch14: 027-use-tmpfile-not-mktemp 
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch36: cernlib-gfortran.diff 
E: cernlib-utils devel-dependency cernlib-devel 
W: cernlib-utils no-documentation 
E: cernlib-utils script-without-shellbang /etc/profile.d/cernlib-2005.sh 
E: geant321 devel-dependency cernlib-devel 
W: geant321 no-documentation 
E: kuipc devel-dependency cernlib-devel 
W: kuipc no-documentation 
Could you comment these warnings, please? 

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