[Bug 167253] Review Request: CERN library and associated binaries

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Sun Sep 11 15:06:14 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: CERN library and associated binaries


------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2005-09-11 11:06 EST -------

W: cernlib strange-permission mkdirhier 0755

mkdirhier is a shell script so should be executable

W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch25: 048-log-to-var-log-not-tmp
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch26: 049-fix-kuesvr-security-hole
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch27: 050-make-secure-comis-tmpdir
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch28: 051-fix-miscellaneous-tmp-uses
W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch14: 027-use-tmpfile-not-mktemp

Security patches applied in the upstream package, but kept here for reference if
somebody waants to use that spec file template to package an older cernlib
release. It could be a good idea to release more than one cernlib version.

W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch12: 018-move-kernlib-to-toplevel

this breaks the build, but in my opinion should be applied at some point in the

W: cernlib patch-not-applied Patch36: cernlib-gfortran.diff

patch to use gfortran instead of g77.

E: cernlib-utils devel-dependency cernlib-devel
The cernlib utils requires a cernlib-devel package so I don't see what is the

W: cernlib-utils no-documentation
not an issue.

E: cernlib-utils script-without-shellbang /etc/profile.d/cernlib-2005.sh
rpmlint error

E: geant321 devel-dependency cernlib-devel
the geant package is only a script used to compile a program with the cernlib
library, so it really depends on cernlib-devel

E: kuipc devel-dependency cernlib-devel
This one also needs the cernlib library, because it is also used to help
compiling something so requires the cernlib library.

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