package import half failed

Patrice Dumas pertusus at
Sun Sep 11 14:51:10 UTC 2005


While trying to import cppunit in the fedora extras cvs something went
wrong and it stalled half-way. After about one hour of waiting I interrupted
the and it didn't complete well. Then when I tried to rerun 
that script it fails because some steps that should have been performed
haven't. More precisely, the modules file has been edited and commited,
the directories cppunit and cppunit/devel created, but the Makefiles hadn't
been created. So when I retried the import it failed with 

make: *** Pas de règle pour fabriquer la cible « upload ». Arrêt.
    (no rule to remake the target upload. stop.)
ERROR: Uploading the source tarballs failed!

When I did a cvs co cppunit, there were only those directories. 

So I took the script, isolated the bits that needed to be redone
and run it. Now everything seems correct.
(except that at one point I did a mistake and cvs added Makefile import.log
and .cvsignore in the rpms directory. I have done cvs rm shortly after, but
maybe the should be deleted from the Attic on the cvs server).

Maybe the script should be made more tolerant to such failures?
More precisely I believe it should be possible to interrupt it at any cvs
command and when it is rerun it performs happily.

So the creation of $NAME and $NAME/devel in $TOPLEVEL and the creation 
of Makefile and other files shouldn't been considered done when the entry 
is in the modules files. Instead the $TOPLEVEL should be checkout and 
a cvs checkout of $NAME should be attempted and all the directories and files
should be tested for existence, and if not existing should be recreated.

I can do a patch for along those lines, but I don't know how
to test it. Is there somewhere a cvs extras sandbox to test such changes?


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