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Summary: Review Request: findlib


------- Additional Comments From descender at phreaker.net  2005-09-12 04:48 EST -------
Thanks you for the valuable comments. Here is my response:

a. Mock problem

I added the version check because, OCaml does not guarantee backward compatible
(3.08.2 broke it once) , according to the post and thread below:


b. %doc shortcut

This was to avoid installing the TIMESTAMPs file. Installing it in another
directory in the source tree seems like a good idea, so I will do that instead.

c. Genericity of package name
I originally wanted to call it ocaml-findlib, but there were 2 things that
prompted me not to   until there is some apparent consensus or guideline:
1. Lack of consistency in the first place. labltk, lablgl, lablgtk and camlp4
are not prefixed with 'ocaml'. Also, currently only packages built from the
Ocaml distribution have prefixes (excluding camlp4, labltk).
2. googling for findlib didn't turn up anything else

Personally, I prefer a prefix to none. Shall I still go ahead?

d. Terse description
Agreed, I will come up with a better one. The one on the homepage is too

e. %{libdir}/ocaml/* wildcard
This will be changed for brevity's sake. I had decided against owning the labltk
and camlp4 subdirectories since labltk and camlp4 also own them. Now that I
think about it, it shouldn't matter. 

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