[Bug 167253] Review Request: CERN library and associated binaries

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Mon Sep 12 12:09:28 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: CERN library and associated binaries


------- Additional Comments From jamatos at fc.up.pt  2005-09-12 08:09 EST -------
(In reply to comment #13) 
> As I didn't want to distribute 
> shared libraries because I think it goes too far from upstream 
  The support is already there from upstream. As far as I have read the 
patches in the debian package they simply use that ability already provided 
# DP: Actually implement the rules to create shared libraries. 
> and I am not 
> enough skilled to reviw their patch with confidence, I had to extract the 
> part of the patch that does the removal of reference to files with licencing 
> issues. 
  Please put that patch back. I promise to review it carefully. :-) 
> That's exactly what I did. But as there is no documentation nor shared 
> libraries the main package is empty (contains no file). Whenever the 
> shared libraries are built then we could fill the main package. There 
> is no doc because they aren't free. 
  Again I was not completely clear here, when I said docs I meant %docs. :-) 
  Static libraries are always a liability, they increase the code size and 
add the burden of security risks. That is why I insist here, please don't be 
discouraged by my comments. 
I really appreciate the work you have been 
done with this package. My research field lies between mathematics 
and physics so I will be really happy to have cernlib in FE. :-) 

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