[Bug 167253] Review Request: CERN library and associated binaries

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Mon Sep 12 19:50:10 UTC 2005

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Summary: Review Request: CERN library and associated binaries


------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2005-09-12 15:50 EST -------
I have downloaded the new cernlib patch set, and they splitted the patch

Implementing shared libs is not one patch. There are many patches for the shared
libs targets setup, others that move files around, create dummy files to avoid
issues with binary dependencies, and cernlib and gxint scripts rewrite. It is
not just one patch, but more than 20 ! If you want to review those patches feel
free to do so...

About the security risk the utilities bundled with the cernlib should be
upgraded with the cernlib itself. In my opinion other programs linked against
the cern library won't be used for networking or interaction with the system,
but for maths and generic fortran usage, so I don't think there is a real
security risk. Regarding the size, there is no shared libraries, so no
additionnal space.

My overall point of view it that there are too much changes in the debian
patchset and at that point such changes should be worked out with the upstream
so I am happy if it just works.

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